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Jane's Guest House offers outstanding 4 star Guest House accommodation and fully equipped self catering cottages and units for the discerning guest.
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The West Coast offers more scenic beauty and adrenaline thrills than you can ever imagine. Wild flowers in spring, whale watching, picnics, watersports, open-air eateries on the beach and sailing in the beautiful bay of Saldanha.
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Jacobsbaai on the Cape West Coast of South Africa

Jacobsbaai is a small picturesque fishing village situated between Vredenburg and Saldanha. Definitely not meant for the energetic adrenaline seeking adventurist.  Long lazy days on the beach are the order of the day in this beautiful bay.

Jacobsbaai is situated in an unspoilt area with no other town in sight. Surrounded by farmland, the sea and fresh air the many small inlets along its coast are just waiting to be explored. The West Coast regional architecture remains protected in the title deeds of the properties, which contributes to the character of the village with its simple white houses and large green belts between blocks of houses.

Jacobsbaai developed as a village only as recently as 40 years ago. Until as recently as 1996 there were only a few buildings, but during the last number of years the residential area showed rapid growth. It is mostly permanent residents working in Vredenburg or Saldanha who live here, or people enjoying their retirement at the sea.

Jacobsbaai has always been known for its abundance of crayfish found here. It is also a popular fishing spot. There are only two industries which are both situated out of sight from the village – the crayfish factory and the abalone farm.

A few kilometres north of Jacobsbaai is Swartriet, a private holiday resort with approximately 30 self-catering houses next to the sea. People visit Swartriet because of the unspoilt nature, tranquillity and excellent security. With no street lights in the little village, Jacobsbaai is an ideal location for star gazing at night. There is a long, sandy beach, ideal for swimming, sunbathing and games in the sun. Fishing, wind surfing and crayfish diving are also popular activities at the resort.

Things To Do:

  • Wild flowers in spring
    The West Coast is known for its wealth of flowers during spring, which also appear in abundance in and around Jacobsbaai.
  • Fishing
    Hotnotsvis, Galjoen, Kabeljou and white Steenbras are often caught.
  • Crayfish diving at Jacobsbaai
    Jacobsbaai is known for the abundance of crayfish found here.
  • Wind surfing and kayaking at Swartriet
  • Hiking to Tietiesbaai
    The 17km hiking trail to Tietiesbaai starts at Swartriet.
  • Restaurant
    The Weskusplek is the only restaurant in Jacobsbaai and is situated on the beach north of Jacobsbaai.
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